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Country Weekly - This Texas-bred band makes losing a lover sound downright appealing with this set of mostly love-gone-wrong songs. “Interstate” is a superb summer road anthem...(more) - A classic return to form and a brave new direction, Burning the Day refuses to be put on pause, stays in your car for weeks on end, and the songs cannot be turned on low. The album feels like a late, warm summer’s afternoon drive with the top down that ends up lasting long after the sun goes down. Burning the Day is their third release on UMG Nashville, and Randy…(more) - So I hung out with a bunch of buddies and heard some “you’ve-gotta-hear-this-band” live music tonight. I could hardly wait to get back to my computer and archive the experience. Of course, I never met these friends before tonight. And, actually, they were the band I am talking about. OK, I guess I was exaggerating a little. But you see – once you’ve been to a live show of the Randy Rogers Band, you leave feeling like you just hung out with 5 of the most talented, coolest friends ever...(more)

Burning the Day

Release Date: 2010
  1. Interstate | itunes
  2. Damn The Rain | itunes
  3. Too Late For Goodbye | itunes
  4. Missing You Is More Than I Can Do | itunes
  5. Holding On To Letting Go | itunes
  6. Just Don't Tell Me the Truth | itunes
  7. I've Been Looking For You So Long | itunes
  8. Steal You Away | itunes
  9. Starting Over For the Last Time | itunes
  10. I Met Lonely Tonight | itunes
  11. Last Last Chance | itunes
Burning the Day