The Randy Rogers Band built its audience by combining forces: It's a dynamic live act centered around songs that fit the rowdy, party vibe of the concert circuit, but their songs also say something.

That's particularly true in the new album, The Randy Rogers Band, in which a dozen persuasive tracks give the listener plenty of reasons to want to down a celebratory brewski. But the songs also maintain a depth that makes them powerful and provocative even beyond their edgy arrangements and tough-guy sound.


Randy Rogers Band

Release Date: 2008
  1. Wicked Ways | itunes
  2. Better Than I Ought To Be | itunes
  3. Lonely Too Long | itunes
  4. One Woman | itunes
  5. Never Be That High | itunes
  6. Didn't Know You Could | itunes
  7. In My Arms Instead | itunes
  8. When the Circus Leaves Town | itunes
  9. Buy Myself A Chance | itunes
  10. Break Even | itunes
  11. Let It Go | itunes
  12. This Is Goodbye | itunes
Randy Rogers Band