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I think we have all been there. Nothing to lose and enough money to go out and forget all the troubles that bogged you down the past week. This song is about a coal miner. If you pay close attention you will figure it out. - RR

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I feel like there is a point when you must embrace the heartache. Almost laugh it off. Drink a beer. Relax. Everything is going to be ok even if you really believe you will never get over that person who did you wrong. Guess what, you will. - RR

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I know it's spelled "aweigh." Sean McConnell and I wrote this song and decided to use "away' instead. This is likely the saddest song on the record. It unfortunately is a very common self preservation technique. If you never let someone get close to you, how can they hurt you.

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I hope my friends aren't mad at me. Most of these names mentioned are real. Occupations and situations may have been a tad embellished. Having been on the road now for 18 years, I sure do miss home. I'm proud of New Braunfels, TX and my community.

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This was my favorite song on Guy's album "My Favorite Picture of you." I wrote several songs with Guy and each time it was like a dream come true. We decided to name this record "Hellbent" partly because of my respect for Guy and his amazing talent.

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Every album needs a love song. I hope much love gets made in the world to this song. When Iā€™m with my wife it feels like nothing can stop us. Like the world is right. Everyone should have that person.

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I have an affinity for Mexico, it's people and culture. I lived there in Cuernavaca for a summer studying Spanish. I want to think my friends for helping me with the Spanish parts of this song. The last thing I wanted to do was say something wrong and show my true Gringo ass.

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Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah. We were channeling our inner Beatles. If it's good enough for John and Paul it's good enough for us. This song is my life growing up. I used to be scared of neon signs at the restaurant because it had been drilled in my head that people were drinking and therefore they were crazy.

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A toxic relationship is just the worst thing ever. When you are on the verge of breaking up and losing someone constantly there is no worse pain. Only to relive it over and over again. - RR
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think there are a lot of men and women who drink wine in the morning before work. In this song it's a successful business woman who obviously is a functional alcoholic. Hopefully this will ring true and if you need help get it. - RR

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I wrote this song on my 39 birthday with Adam Hood. It's true in every sense of my life. I have been so lucky to have had this wonderful job and life for 18 years on the road. Time feels like it's flying by. Especially watching my children grow up so fast.